[Several] Training Expeditions


Różne wyprawy treningowe w Góry Czerskiego w Jakucji i inne pasma.
Тренировочные экспедиции на Черский хребет в Якутию и другие горы.

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General information and highlights:

  • Over the last decade, in addition to serious expeditions with concrete goals such as the ascent of a peak, I also organized multiple shorter trips to various mountains of Siberia.
  • The most important purpose of these trips was to enhance mountaineering, survival, and photo skills.
  • Lots of adventures, hitchiking in winter in the coldest parts of Siberia, and many others.


Special thanks to / Podziękowania dla / Большое спасибо к

  • Ваня Гаврилов и все ребята из лагеря за гостеприимство.
  • Bolot Bochkarev from VisitYakutia for logistics help,
  • Simore Moro and Tamara Lunger for their numerous valuable pieces of advice!
  • Настя и ее муж из Сасыра, за гостеприимство.
  • Numerous truck drivers for their willigness to take a hitchhiker into small truck cabins 🙂
  • Father Maros and Peter from Yakutsk, for never-ending hospitality.
  • Ребята из города Талая, за помощь.
  • Виктор Терешко, за отличное гостеприимство и большую помощь.
  • Вова Терешко, для многих приключений и гостеприимства.
  • Дима Панов из Якутска, за всю информацию о горах.
  • Менги из Ак-Довурака и все остальные, кто помог.
  • Roberts (https://roberts.pl/index.php?l=en&p=_katalog) for best quality, ultrawarm & ultralight down clothes and equipment.
  • Rafał Król (https://expeditions.pl) for a lot of insightful equipment knowledge.

Selected Videos:

Selected Photos:

(Training 1) Nature Photos, January

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(Training 1) Expedition Photos, January

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(Training 2) Nature Photos, March

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(Training 2) Expedition Photos, March

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(Training 3) Nature Photos, January-February

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(Training 3) Expedition Photos, January-February

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