[Featured] Anadyr Highlands in Western Chukotka 2021


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General information and highlights:

  • Probably the first ever winter ascent of the highest peak “Two Cirques” in Anadyr Highlands (Chukotka), in January; the official altitude of the peak is 1785m. Anadyr Highlands is one of two main mountain systems of Chukotka.
  • Two Cirques is the highest mountain of Western Chukotka.
  • It was a solo climb; approaching the central massif was done on a Kamaz truck and then a snowmobile.
  • The peak is located nearby Bilibino and Keperveem, one of the coldest parts of Chukotka, with temperatures down to -60 C and strong winds.
  • The distance from the peak to the nearest village: over a 100 km.
  • Despite the COVID restrictions, the travel went (reasonably) well 🙂

Location of some expedition highlights:

Special thanks to / Podziękowania dla / Большое спасибо к

  • Гене и Сергею.
  • Евгений Басов из Анадыря
  • Виктор Терешко, за отличное гостеприимство и большую помощь.
  • Ojciec Krzysztof Cabała, za życzliwe przyjęcie w Moskwie.
  • La Sportiva (https://www.lasportiva.com/) for top quality, extremely warm, versatile, and very light expedition boots.
  • Roberts (https://roberts.pl/index.php?l=en&p=_katalog) for best quality, ultrawarm & ultralight down clothes and equipment.

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