Putorana Mountains 2019 Solo


Samotna ekspedycja w Góry Putorana 2019. Odnalezienie i wejście na drugi najwyższy (nienazwany) szczyt na Płaskowyżu Putorana, efektywnie drugi najwyższy szczyt Wyżyny Środkowosyberyjskiej.
Восхождение на второй по высоте (неназванный) пик гор Путорана, фактически второй по высоте пик Центрально-Сибирского плоскогорья, 2019.

General information and highlights:

  • The identification and the solo ascent of the second highest (unnamed) peak of Putorana Mountains, effectively the second highest peak of the Central Siberian Plateau; the altitude of the peak is 1621m.
  • It was a solo expedition and climb.
  • The peak is completely unknown. It took me weeks, if not months, to locate this mountain using Soviet military maps. No photos or any information was/is available elsewhere.
  • The peak is located well within the borders of the strict Putorana Nature Reserve. I was probably the first non-Russian who obtained all the necessary permissions to enter this region alone.
  • The distance from the peak to the nearest human camp: around 100km.
  • The expedition was short (~a week) but very intense. I was walking every day non-stop for 12-16 hours, from sunrise to sunset and beyond.
  • Very tough weather (rain and very high humidity all the time).
  • Extremely difficult terrain (basically 95% of the march was over swamps or boulders/stones). A lot of attention at every step required (I broke a trekking pole on the second day). It was the hardest terrain I ever encountered in Siberia so far.
  • I came down from the high plateay basically on the very last day before the winter snowfall.

Location of the climbed second highest peak on the plateau