[Featured] Elbrus 2017 Solo Winter Ascent


Samotne (koniec grudnia) wejście na Elbrus zimą, 2017.
Зимнее одиночное восхождение на Эльбрус, Конец декабря, 2017.

General information and highlights:

  • I decided to climb Ebrus solo in winter for my birthday that takes place on 30th December.
  • The goal was to climb it really fast, after Christmas but before New Year’s Eve.
  • The whole expedition ultimately took 2.5 days (from and back to the airport in the Mineralne Vody).
  • A standard amount of time to climb Elbrus is one week (in summer).
  • I had close to zero acclimatization.
  • During each of six successive days before the expedition, I slept no more than 3-4 hours, including the night before the climb (due to the research workload and other factors).
  • I climbed in a “standard” style, by pushing on foot from the refuge Priut at around 4100 meters. The summit is at 5642 meters.
  • Despite severe lack of sleep, I was very efficient up to around 4700 meters. Above that, the lack of acclimatization set in. My walking rate decreased significantly, and I was able to summit late in the afternoon.

Location of the peak:

Photos from the top:

(A funny max speed because I did not zero the tracker after the flight and taxi).


The famous Barrels: