[Featured] Momsky Mountains 2019 Winter Solo


Samotna zimowa ekspedycja w Góry Momskie 2019, styczeń. Pierwsze zimowe wejście na najwyższy (nienazwany) szczyt w Górach Momskich.
Зимняя экспедиция в Момские горы 2019, соло, январь. Первое зимнее восхождение на самую высокую (неназванную) вершину в Момских горах (Якутия).

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General information and highlights:

  • The first winter ascent (January) of the highest (unnamed) peak in Momsky Mountains (Yakutia); the altitude of the peak is 2480m.
  • It was a solo climb; approaching the central massif was done on old Soviet snowmobiles “burans”.
  • The peak is so little known and isolated that I could not find even a single photo before the expedition.
  • It was also probably the first winter exploration of the only glaciated part of the Momsky Mountains.
  • The distance from the peak to the nearest village: over a 100km.
  • Temperatures in valleys: down to -55 C. Temperatures while climbing: down to -40 C.
  • I climbed the peak through its north-east face; the climb was somehow technical (slopes up to ≈60 degrees).

Location of the highest peak:

Special thanks to / Podziękowania dla / Большое спасибо к

  • Серафим из Хонуу, за большую помощь и гостеприимство.
  • Алек водитель, для большой силы и мастерства!
  • Дима водитель, за поддержку.
  • Водители, которые отвезли меня из Хонуу в Якутск.
  • Father Maros and Peter from Yakutsk, for never-ending hospitality.
  • Анатолий Алексеев, за его обычную помощь и поддержку!
  • Bolot Bochkarev from VisitYakutia for logistics help.
  • La Sportiva (https://www.lasportiva.com/) for top quality, extremely warm, versatile, and very light expedition boots.
  • Roberts (https://roberts.pl/index.php?l=en&p=_katalog) for best quality, ultrawarm & ultralight down clothes and equipment.
  • Rafał Król (https://expeditions.pl) for a lot of insightful equipment knowledge.
  • Piotr Sztaba, Waldek Niemiec, Wojtek Malawski, Andrzej Maciata (https://kilimanjaro.com.pl) for climbing, touring, and avalanche training sessions.

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